Assignment: Web Eval Activity

Name: Katie Fish

Instructions: In this activity, you will consider how to determine if a website is useful. There are five (A.-.E.) sections to this activity. Please type your responses within the document below and save. Upload the finished assignment to the appropriate dropbox at CourseDen.

How do you determine if a webpage is accurate, relevant, appropriate, comprehensive, and unbiased?

A. Brainstorm a list of criteria which you believe should be evaluated to determine the usefulness of a webpage for research. (Type your responses in the textboxes below.)

What makes a Web Page useful for research?
4. Affiliations with schools or companies
5 Type of information on site
2. Publication
  1. Author’s Credentials
3. Date published and how often updated

B. Review the following websites and answer questions about each:


There’s something not quite right about this website. List any reasons you can see why this website is not appropriate for students to use in school research. (Hint: who is sponsoring this website?)

  1. It is created and ran by a White Pride Group
  2. On the page about the Death of A Dream, there is inappropriate information in the note that has nothing to do with the importance of Martin Luther King Jr.
  3. All of the information on this site is ridiculous, my computer doesn’t like it because it takes forever and multiple clicks to get to another page.
  4. This site is not something that can be taken seriously since all of the information is from people who are probably racist, and their information is bias and hateful.


I (your instructor) am an ardent supporter of the cause to ban DHMO. Based on the information you find on this webpage, will you join me in supporting this cause? Why or why not? (If you dig deeply enough, you will discover why not.)

At the bottom of the page the word veracity is there, and it is in the context “Content Veracity NOT implied”. Veracity means truthfulness, so this means that this site lacks truthfulness, so the content on this site may be false, and it cannot be held to a reliable standard.

C. Below you will find six important website evaluation criteria. These criteria are explained with examples at the Good, Bad, and the Ugly website (brought to us by the New Mexico State University Library). Read through this website, then answer the questions that follow about each website.

1. Authority
Do you consider the author of Clonaid to be an expert of the subject covered? Why or why not?

No because I can’t find an author on the page. Whoever the author is also commends Michael Jackson for his beliefs in the cause, so I am going to have to say no on the expert part.

2. Accuracy
What information in The True…Facts about Women with AIDS leads you to believe or disbelieve its accuracy?
You would think this site was accurate, because of the big resources and affiliations that are listed, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page it tells you that the information on the page is bogus.

3. Objectivity
Can you determine the real purpose of The Truth? What is it and how did you determine the purpose?
I love these commercials, but they are out there to tell people why tobacco is bad for them, but they do it in an outrageous way. It states the most outrageous things about tobacco.

4. Currency
Is it easy to determine the currency of The Onion? What did you do to determine the currency of the site?
The currency is really easy to find on this site. All of the stories have the date or how many minutes or hours it has been since the story was published.

5. Coverage
Do you consider the information on OncoLink to be relevant and comprehensive? Why or why not?

I think this site is relevant and comprehensive. I think people who have a certain type of cancer could go to this site to find out more about it. The words are normal people words and not doctor jargon.

D. Visit the following pages and briefly share your thoughts (a sentence or two) about how you might guide your future K-12 students in determining the reliability of the information found:

I would first have them find out who created the site. I would also want them to tell me if they thought that it was a professional who had created the sites. I would ask them to read the information and ask themselves if it sounds like a professional created it or if it sounds like someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. Are there any affiliation with the site?

E. Write a paragraph explaining why it is important to evaluate the information found on a Web page, include the ways to find out more about the author, the sponsoring agency, or the information itself. Paste this information on your Web Eval wiki page.

It is important to find out the credibility of a site because you want to make sure that the information that you are receiving from the site is reliable. You also want to make sure that the author is not bias towards the topic. They need to be giving both sides of the story to be a credible site. It is also important to know who is sponsoring the site for the same reason that the author needs to be a credible. The information needs to not have any mistakes in it. It also needs to sound like a professional wrote it not a student. The information needs to be two-sided not just one.

o What was I supposed to accomplish and how?
This assignment was supposed to teach me how to determine if a website was credible enough to use. It was also supposed to teach me how to explain to my students how to determine if a website was credible for them to use in an assignment.

o What did I learn (growth/progress)?
I discovered that some sites look great and credible, but the fine print states otherwise. It is also important to find out who created the site, and if they have some kind of bias towards the topic that they are talking about. I also have realized the importance of this, because students are so nieve sometimes, and they just want to get the assignment completed, but it hurts them in the end when the thing they were crediting with the information was as credible as they had thought.

o What should I have done differently?
I don't know if there would be anything that I would have done differently for this assignment. It was so cut and dry that I had to give it everything I had. I could study up on this some more and understand the different words and signs that show whether a site is credible or not.

o Why is this artifact important to my targeted career?

This is one of the most important things a teacher can learn about. It is important for students and teachers to use sites in the classroom that are reliable, and they are not bias. The information on a site needs to be double sided. With students doing so much research, they are going to find sites without the help of teacher, so it is important to stress the importance of crediblity, because the information in the assignment will reflect upon the student.