SWOT Analysis & Goals

I. Technology SWOT Analysis


When it comes to my comfort zone with technology, I am more comfortable with the stuff that I already know, and the stuff that I used when I was in school. I like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, because I used them when I was in school to create assignments. I know how to upload pictures from my computer, and I know how to upload them to different place. Now-a-days with sites like Facebook that are used for social networking, there is the requirement for the knowledge of uploading things such as pictures and videos, and the ability to edit things, so that my page looks the way I want it to, and I feel comfortable doing that, but it will not help me in the classroom. I am always open to learning about new technologies, but I think I will always be more comfortable when using the ones that I grew up with. There will always be something new to use, so I am willing to stay up to date so that I don’t fall behind, and hinder the learning process of my students.


I get frustrated with new technology. I want to know how to use it as soon as I start to use it. I hate having to spend a long time learning about it. I want it to pick something up fast, so that I can use it for the reason that I wanted to use it. I often get intimidated by multilevel technology. Also, when I am learning about new technology, I want step by step directions, and I want them to be bulleted. If they aren’t I often get frustrated quickly, and I will wait until the absolute last minute to learn about, because it isn’t appealing to me.
I also feel that my exposure to new technology has only been in my educational experience. I don’t usually come across new technology on my own, so I feel that that may hinder me. I want to be able to learn about technology on my own, and not just have to do it in my class assignments.


I have access to a lot of different technology. My dad is also knowledgeable about a lot of different technology, and if he doesn’t know about it, he can pick it up fairly quickly, so if I have a question about how to use something he can usually explain it and walk me through it.
When it comes to having internet access, I think these days it is not that hard or expensive to get the connections that you need. I have wireless internet at my house, and when I go to Georgia Highlands College, they have wireless internet, and I am supplied with a password that allows me to connect for free anywhere on campus, and there are also computer labs throughout the campus, so when I don’t have my computer, I can simply log into one of those computers and use them.

In schools these days, there is access to pretty much anything you can think of. I would just have to ask the right people to help me find what I need, and I have had the experience that a lot of people are willing to help me advance in my knowledge of technology.


Every time I learn a new technology, there is something else that comes out that is supposed to be better than what I have already learned. I mean I want to stay up to date, but it gets aggravating, because I will get comfortable with something that I have been trying to master, and I finally do, but then there is something else that comes out that is better, so I have to start over and learn that new technology. Back to one of my weakness of liking step by step instructions, and I feel that I give up when the directions aren’t the way I want them to be.
Another threat is having students who don’t have the access to the technology that I am using. That is something that I will have to know before I assign assignments that require the use of certain technologies. There is also the thought of how many students are going to be open-minded with technology, and how many are going to use it effectively when we are using it in the classroom. I want to be able to make my students want to learn with technology, but I also want to be able to tell if they are getting the full effect out of it, or if I am just wasting my time.

II. Goal

Goal #1:Use Technology effectively in the classroom

I want my student to get the full effect out of the technology when they use it. I want them to learn the subject matter they are learning about, but I also want them to learn about the technology at the same time.

Goal #2: Be able to stay up to date with the ne technology

I want to stay up to date with all the new technology no matter how hard that may be, but I want to make sure my students are exposed to everything possible, so that when they are older, they can just learn about the new technology not the stuff that as around when they were in school.