Movie on Abraham Lincoln

o What was I supposed to accomplish and how?
This assignment was supposed to teach me how to create a movie that I could use in the classroom.

o What did I learn (growth/progress)?
I learned that it wasn't has hard as it looked. It was stressful at times when the computer wouldn't cooperated, but it was fun. I also learned that this could be very helpful in the classroom. I is something that the students will enjoy, and I can feel proud to know that I created it on my own.

o What should I have done differently?
I don't know anything that I would do differently on this assignment. I liked this assignment, and I like my finished product. I thought that my movie was great. Maybe I could have found some more information and expanded my movie.

o Why is this artifact important to my targeted career?
This artifact helped me see how to create a movie that I can use in my classroom. I can now create more movies that will cover the content in my classroom. It showed me a new piece of material that I can use to teach my students. It will help the visual learners to understand what we have covered in class. I can also use a movie to review what we have covered in class.