Diversity Podcast

o What was I supposed to accomplish and how?
I supposed to understand why it is important for a teacher to understand the backgrounds and home lives of their students.

o What did I learn (growth/progress)?

I learned that it was very important for a teacher to know about the backgrounds and home lives of their students so that they will know what can be done in the classroom. It also allows the teacher to know how strictly to count homework since some student will have less support at home than others. I feel that this information will help me in my classroom, because I will know what I should do before I start handing out things to my students. It will also help me to understand a child's behavior patterns. There may be a problem at home that causes them to want to vent at school, and it may be what they are used to to get the attention that they want.

What should I have done differently?
It would have been a great idea to actually talk to my supervising teacher to get some ideas on how to look into the home lives and backgrounds of his students. It would have also been great if I would have asked him if he noticed any patterns in behavior problems and the child's situation at home.

o Why is this artifact important to my targeted career?

It shows me something that is very important in being an educator. Being a teacher isn't just about going in and teaching students material. A teacher has to understand where the child is coming from, and how do they think a child will process the information that is being laid out in front of them.