​Saturday, October 31, 2009


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What is the tool and how can it be used?
The tool I have chosen is Thinkfinity. It was created by the Verizon Foundation. It is a website that supplies, lesson plas, games, and activities, that can be used by parents, teachers, and students. Children can use the games and activities if they are struggling, or if they just want to review some material. Parents can use the site to review some of the topics that their children are learning about, so that they are able to help them with homework and projects. Teacherscan find new lesson plans that they may not have thought of, but they will help the teacher add dimension to their lessons, so that each child's needs are met.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this tool?
  • The students and parents can use this at home
  • There is something for parents, teachers, and students
  • It is a lot of stuff, but once you figure out how to use it is very helpful
  • The site is pretty confusing to navigate, but if you watch the tutorial it helps you understand what the site contains.
Who is the audience for this tool?
There are things for teachers, parents, and students
Where can we learn more about this tool?
What is your opinion on the usefulness of this tool?
I think this tool is really useful once a person learns how to use and navigate the site. A teacher would not want to suggest this tool to a parent or student without first finding out how to explain it.

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o What was I supposed to accomplish and how?
In this lesson I as supposed to locate a technology tool that could be used by teachers, students, or parents. I was also supposed to learn about the benefits this tool would have in the classroom.

o What did I learn (growth/progress)?
I learned that Thinkfinity.org is a great tool that parents, teachers, and student can all use. There are games, lessons, and other great things that can be used to help students' progeress.

o What should I have done differently?
I could have found more information out about this tool. There was so much to this tool that I could have found more stuff to talk about. I should have done the tutorial that this tool supplies.

o Why is this artifact important to my targeted career?

This is a great tool to use in the classroom. The things on there will help parent and teachers help the students advance in the classroom. There are great games the students can play, and they may not even think that they are learning. There are things that help parents get refreshed on the material their child is covering, and there are lesson plan ideas that teachers can use to help their class succeed.